DQRID : D000127.5
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SGP/OKM - data stream missing
DataStreams:sgp05okmX1.00, sgp15okmX1.00, sgp15okmX1.a1, sgp05okmX1.a1
These data streams are missing for the period of time mentionned
because the Oklahoma Mesonet changed the format and some of the
content of the data they are providing. There is some discussion
of the change in content in D000127.3 and D000127.4

A new release notice will be submitted as well. There are new
quality assured data streams sgp05okmX1.b1 and sgp15okmX1.b1
and new raw data streams sgpokmX1.00 and sgpokmX1.01 that are
available for this time period and in fact will be made available
for all of 1999.
use new level b1 data streams
  • -180.0 - +180.0(alt)
  • accumulated rainfall since 00GMT except at 00 GMT, the number given is the total
    accumulation for the past 24 hours(prec_amt)
  • vector average wind magnitude(wvec_10m)
  • Time offset from base_time(time_offset)
  • Retrieved pressure profile(pres)
  • standard deviation of wind speed(wspd_sigma)
  • average wind run (arithmetic average speed) at 10m(wspd_10m)
  • vector average of wind direction measured at 10m(wdir_10m)
  • air temperature at 1.5m(tdry_1_5m)
  • base time in epoch(base_time)
  • lon(lon)
  • maximum 3-second wind speed within the 5-minute averaging period(wspd_max)
  • average wind speed at 2m(wspd_2m)
  • Relative Humidity (hybrid-b grid)(rh)
  • air temperature at 9m(tdry_9m)
  • solar radiation(srad)
  • standard deviation of wind direction(wdir_sigma)
  • North Latitude(lat)
  • (Raw data stream - documentation not supported)
  • leaf wetness index, measurement of dew ranging from 0 (dry) to 100(wet)(leaf_ind)
  • -180.0 - +180.0(alt)
  • soil temperature at 5 cm beneath natural sod cover(tsoil5)
  • 10 cm soil temp(tsoil10)
  • soil temperature at 5 cm beneath bare soil(tbare5)
  • Average battery voltage(vbat)
  • base time in epoch(base_time)
  • lon(lon)
  • soil temperature at 10cm beneath bare soil(tbare10)
  • soil temperature at 30 cm beneath bare soil(tbare30)
  • Time offset from base_time(time_offset)
  • North Latitude(lat)
  • (Raw data stream - documentation not supported)

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