DQRID : D000214.2
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
SGP/EBBR - EBBR E7 Soil Moisture Jumping Around
DataStreams:sgp15ebbrE7.b1, sgp30ebbrE7.b1
All soil moisture sensor outputs jumped around during the period, causing 
the soil moisture values and the quantities calculated from them to be 
incorrect.  The data values affected are shown below.

15 minute:  r_sm1, r_sm2, r_sm3, r_sm4, r_sm5
30 minute:  sm1, sm2, sm3, sm4, sm5, c_shf1, c_shf2, c_shf3, c_shf4, 
            c_shf5, g1, g2, g3, g4, g5, ave_shf, e, h
  • Soil moisture 4 (resistance)(soil_moisture_4_r)
  • Soil moisture 5 (resistance)(soil_moisture_5_r)
  • Soil moisture 2 (resistance)(soil_moisture_2_r)
  • Soil moisture 3 (resistance)(soil_moisture_3_r)
  • Soil moisture 1 (resistance)(soil_moisture_1_r)
  • Surface latent heat flux(latent_heat_flux)
  • Soil moisture 1, gravimetric(soil_moisture_1)
  • Soil moisture 4, gravimetric(soil_moisture_4)
  • Soil moisture 5, gravimetric(soil_moisture_5)
  • Soil moisture 2, gravimetric(soil_moisture_2)
  • Soil moisture 3, gravimetric(soil_moisture_3)
  • Surface soil heat flux 4(surface_soil_heat_flux_4)
  • Surface soil heat flux 5(surface_soil_heat_flux_5)
  • Surface soil heat flux 2(surface_soil_heat_flux_2)
  • Surface soil heat flux 3(surface_soil_heat_flux_3)
  • Surface soil heat flux 1(surface_soil_heat_flux_1)
  • Soil heat flow 2, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_2)
  • Soil heat flow 3, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_3)
  • Soil heat flow 4, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_4)
  • Soil heat flow 5, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_5)
  • Surface soil heat flux, average of fluxes 1-5(surface_soil_heat_flux_avg)
  • Soil heat flow 1, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_1)
  • Surface sensible heat flux(sensible_heat_flux)

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