DQRID : D000224.7
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SGP/EBBR - EBBR E7 Soil Moisture Spike
DataStreams:sgp15ebbrE7.b1, sgp30ebbrE7.b1
All soil moisture sensor outputs are spiking up for a single half hour
for this day, causing the soil moisture values and
the quantities calculated from them to be incorrect.  The spiked half hours
are normally near sunrise.
  • Soil moisture 4 (resistance)(soil_moisture_4_r)
  • Soil moisture 5 (resistance)(soil_moisture_5_r)
  • Soil moisture 2 (resistance)(soil_moisture_2_r)
  • Soil moisture 3 (resistance)(soil_moisture_3_r)
  • Soil moisture 1 (resistance)(soil_moisture_1_r)
  • Surface latent heat flux(latent_heat_flux)
  • Soil moisture 1, gravimetric(soil_moisture_1)
  • Soil moisture 4, gravimetric(soil_moisture_4)
  • Soil moisture 5, gravimetric(soil_moisture_5)
  • Soil moisture 2, gravimetric(soil_moisture_2)
  • Soil moisture 3, gravimetric(soil_moisture_3)
  • Surface soil heat flux 4(surface_soil_heat_flux_4)
  • Surface soil heat flux 5(surface_soil_heat_flux_5)
  • Surface soil heat flux 2(surface_soil_heat_flux_2)
  • Surface soil heat flux 3(surface_soil_heat_flux_3)
  • Surface soil heat flux 1(surface_soil_heat_flux_1)
  • Soil heat flow 2, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_2)
  • Soil heat flow 3, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_3)
  • Soil heat flow 4, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_4)
  • Soil heat flow 5, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_5)
  • Surface soil heat flux, average of fluxes 1-5(surface_soil_heat_flux_avg)
  • Soil heat flow 1, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_1)
  • Surface sensible heat flux(sensible_heat_flux)

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