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SGP/EBBR - EBBR E22 Soil Moistures Negative
DataStreams:sgp30ebbrE22.b1, sgp15ebbrE22.b1
Because of the lack of rain, all soil moistures were negative during much 
of the period.  The negative soil moistures caused soil heat storage and
thus average soil heat flux to be smaller than they should have been.  The
sensible and latent heat fluxes were therefore reduced slightly 
(approximately 0-5%).

The affected data are:

15 minute: r_sm1, r_sm2, r_sm3, r_sm4, r_sm5
30 minute: sm1, sm2, sm3, sm4, sm5, c_shf1, c_shf2, c_shf3, c_shf4,
           c_shf5, cs1, cs2, cs3, cs4, cs5, ces1, ces2, ces3, ces4, ces5,
           g1, g2, g3, g4, g5, ave_shf, e, h
  • Soil moisture 5 (resistance)(soil_moisture_5_r)
  • Soil moisture 3 (resistance)(soil_moisture_3_r)
  • Soil moisture 4 (resistance)(soil_moisture_4_r)
  • Soil moisture 1 (resistance)(soil_moisture_1_r)
  • Soil moisture 2 (resistance)(soil_moisture_2_r)
  • Surface latent heat flux(latent_heat_flux)
  • Change in energy storage 3, 0-5 cm soil layer(energy_storage_change_3)
  • Change in energy storage 2, 0-5 cm soil layer(energy_storage_change_2)
  • Change in energy storage 5, 0-5 cm soil layer(energy_storage_change_5)
  • Change in energy storage 4, 0-5 cm soil layer(energy_storage_change_4)
  • Change in energy storage 1, 0-5 cm soil layer(energy_storage_change_1)
  • Surface soil heat flux 2(surface_soil_heat_flux_2)
  • Surface soil heat flux 1(surface_soil_heat_flux_1)
  • Soil heat capacity 5(soil_heat_capacity_5)
  • Soil heat capacity 4(soil_heat_capacity_4)
  • Soil heat capacity 3(soil_heat_capacity_3)
  • Soil moisture 4, gravimetric(soil_moisture_4)
  • Soil heat flow 1, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_1)
  • Soil moisture 3, gravimetric(soil_moisture_3)
  • Soil heat flow 2, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_2)
  • Soil heat capacity 2(soil_heat_capacity_2)
  • Surface soil heat flux 5(surface_soil_heat_flux_5)
  • Soil heat flow 3, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_3)
  • Surface soil heat flux 4(surface_soil_heat_flux_4)
  • Surface sensible heat flux(sensible_heat_flux)
  • Soil moisture 2, gravimetric(soil_moisture_2)
  • Soil heat capacity 1(soil_heat_capacity_1)
  • Soil moisture 1, gravimetric(soil_moisture_1)
  • Surface soil heat flux 3(surface_soil_heat_flux_3)
  • Soil heat flow 4, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_4)
  • Soil heat flow 5, corrected for soil moisture(corr_soil_heat_flow_5)
  • Surface soil heat flux, average of fluxes 1-5(surface_soil_heat_flux_avg)
  • Soil moisture 5, gravimetric(soil_moisture_5)

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