DQRID : D060420.10
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time Data Quality Metric
10/28/1998000007/30/19991200Does not affect quality
TWP/MWR/C2 - software upgrade (version 3.29)
The MWR operating program was upgraded to version 3.29 on 30 July 1999. This version 
included a beam width correction as well as provided the capability to automatically level the 
elevation mirror (that is, to automatically detect and correct offsets in the elevation 
angle stepper motor position.)
The improvement in the quality of the tip curves resulting from the auto-leveling has been 
dramatic: differences in the brightness temperatures at 3 airmasses (19.5 and 160.5 
degrees) have been reduced from +/- 5 K to +/- 0.5 K. In order to take full advantage of this 
improvement to detect and reject cloudy tip curves, the minimum value of the 
goodness-of-fit coefficient for a valid tip curve has been increased from 0.995 to 0.998.

The data prior to July 30 1999 do not include beam-width and mirror-leveling corrections.
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