DQRID : D990716.20
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time Data Quality Metric
SGP/SIRS - SIRS E16 April 1999  (SERI-QC Results)
DataStreams:sgpsirsE16.a1, sgpsirsE16.a0
Data quality for this site is very good this month. Just under 100%                        
                                                                           - of the 
daytime data are present.  Passing or low-level flags are assigned to 95.4% of the present 
daytime data. On the mornings of the 5th and 6th low-level flags indicate that the DS is 
too low or the DD or NIP too high by the three-component test. The DS and DD were forced 
below daytime empirical limits by heavily overcast skies on the afternoon of the 13th, and 
again on the 24th. The NIP also went below empirical limits for a few minutes shortly 
after noon on the 13th.The DD filed is filled with "-99999" missing data for 43 minutes on 
the morning of the 21st. At 537 GMT on the 18th the UIR increases to nearly twice normal 
nighttime levels and becomes quite noisy. The signal does not recover by the end of the 
month. No problems were observed in the DIR or US signals.
  • base_time
  • down_long_hemisp_std
  • down_long_hemisp_max
  • short_direct_normal_min
  • up_long_hemisp_min
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_min
  • down_short_hemisp
  • down_long_hemisp_min
  • down_short_hemisp_min
  • lon
  • down_long_hemisp
  • up_short_hemisp_min
  • lat
  • up_short_hemisp
  • up_short_hemisp_std
  • down_short_hemisp_max
  • up_short_hemisp_max
  • down_short_hemisp_std
  • time_offset
  • up_long_hemisp
  • short_direct_normal_max
  • short_direct_normal_std
  • short_direct_normal
  • up_long_hemisp_std
  • up_long_hemisp_max
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_std
  • alt
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_max
  • vBatt
  • short_diffuse
  • up_short_hemisp
  • up_long_hemisp
  • down_long_hemisp
  • alt
  • lat
  • up_long_case_resist
  • up_long_dome_resist
  • base_time
  • nip
  • down_short_hemisp
  • lon
  • time_offset
  • down_long_case_resist
  • down_long_dome_resist

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