DQRID : D990716.21
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time Data Quality Metric
SGP/SIRS - SIRS E18 April 1999  (SERI-QC Results)
DataStreams:sgpsirsE18.a1, sgpsirsE18.a0
Data quality at this site is good this month. All of the daytime data are present. Passing 
or low-level flags are assigned to 90.6% of the present daytime data. Data labeled 
strange-but-true make up another 6.5% of the present daytime data. Low to moderate flags 
observed in the early morning hours indicate that the DS is too low by the three-component 
test, or that the NIP or DD is too high. Heavily overcast skies cause the DD and DS to fall 
below daytime empirical limits on a number of occasions. Just before noon on the 3rd, and 
again for a few minutes late in the afternoon on the 24th, the DS falls below daytime 
empirical limits, but the DD and NIP are (moderately) flagged too high by the two-component 
test (Gompertz boundaries.) Around noon on the 5th and 6th the DS is too low by the 
three-component test, but for a short time close to noon on the 5th the DS falls into the 
physically impossible region where Kn > Kt. No problems noted in the DIR, UIR or US signals.
  • up_long_dome_resist
  • up_short_hemisp
  • time_offset
  • down_short_hemisp
  • alt
  • down_long_hemisp
  • base_time
  • lat
  • up_long_case_resist
  • nip
  • down_long_dome_resist
  • short_diffuse
  • up_long_hemisp
  • lon
  • down_long_case_resist
  • short_direct_normal
  • up_long_hemisp_max
  • time_offset
  • up_long_hemisp_std
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_min
  • down_short_hemisp_min
  • short_direct_normal_min
  • lon
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp
  • up_short_hemisp_min
  • up_long_hemisp
  • down_short_hemisp_std
  • down_short_hemisp
  • lat
  • down_short_hemisp_max
  • up_long_hemisp_min
  • down_long_hemisp_std
  • short_direct_normal_std
  • short_direct_normal_max
  • down_long_hemisp_max
  • up_short_hemisp_max
  • up_short_hemisp_std
  • down_long_hemisp
  • vBatt
  • up_short_hemisp
  • down_long_hemisp_min
  • base_time
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_max
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_std
  • alt

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