DQRID : D990716.31
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time Data Quality Metric
SGP/SIRS - SIRS E24 April 1999
DataStreams:sgpsirsE24.a1, sgpsirsE24.a0
Data quality at this site is very good this month. Nearly all 99.6% of the daytime data is 
present. Passing or low-level flags are assigned to 93.5% of the present daytime data. 
High level flags seen in the first two days of the month indicate that the DD is above 
daytime empirical limits. A diurnal plot for the 1st shows that the suntracker has failed: 
the DD is tracking the DS, and the NIP signal is flat.  Low to mid-level flags observed 
from late morning to mid-afternoon late in the month indicate that the DS is too high by 
the three-component test. Alternatively, the flags may signal that the NIP or the DD is too 
low. The DS and DD were forced below daytime or twilight empirical limits by heavy cloud 
cover on a number of occasions. On the 27th at 1657 GMT the US and UIR signal fields are 
filled with the data logger value representing missing data -  -99999 as if the 
instruments were disconnected. The Operations Management Information Systems Instrument and 
Corrective Maintenance Report for this site indicate that the UIR and US were disconnected and 
the 10m tower taken down for upgrade on the 26th. No problems were noted in the DIR signal.
  • down_long_hemisp
  • short_diffuse
  • alt
  • up_long_case_resist
  • down_short_hemisp
  • lat
  • down_long_dome_resist
  • nip
  • up_short_hemisp
  • lon
  • up_long_dome_resist
  • down_long_case_resist
  • up_long_hemisp
  • time_offset
  • base_time
  • up_short_hemisp_max
  • down_short_hemisp_std
  • down_short_hemisp_max
  • up_short_hemisp
  • vBatt
  • up_long_hemisp_min
  • down_long_hemisp
  • short_direct_normal_min
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_max
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_std
  • lon
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp
  • up_short_hemisp_std
  • short_direct_normal_std
  • lat
  • short_direct_normal
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_min
  • short_direct_normal_max
  • down_long_hemisp_min
  • up_long_hemisp
  • base_time
  • up_short_hemisp_min
  • down_short_hemisp
  • up_long_hemisp_max
  • down_long_hemisp_max
  • time_offset
  • alt
  • down_long_hemisp_std
  • down_short_hemisp_min
  • up_long_hemisp_std

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