DQRID : D991116.2
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NSA/METTOWER - Questionable NSA Met-tower wind data
DataStreams:nsametC1.00, nsamettwrC1.a1
The data analysis software for the NSA Met-tower system was upgraded at 2200 GMT
on 8 SEP 1999.  The upgrade included insertion of  -99.99's for the wind vectors 
when the wind speed or direction were either missing or equal to 0.  This 
resulted in incorrect vector averaged wind speed, wind direction, and 
standard deviation of wind direction.  When this occurred, the 
vector-averaged wind speed and standard deviation of wind direction 
were often abnormally high and the vector-averaged wind direction
 was often approximately 225 deg.  Starting at 2300 GMT on 25 OCT 99
missing wind data were replaced by the previous 1-min average and 
starting at 2200 GMT on 15 NOV 1999 the computed wind vectors were 
used whenever wind speeds or wind directions were 0.
All NSA Met-tower wind data taken during this period 
should be flagged as requiring scrutiny before acceptance.
  • North Latitude(lat)
  • Wind Direction out of range error(win_dir_out_of_range_error)
  • Atmospheric pressure(atmos_pressure)
  • Temperature mean(temp_mean)
  • Raw data filename(filename)
  • -180.0 - +180.0(alt)
  • Air Temperature out of range error(temp_out_of_range_error)
  • Std Dev of Air Temperature(temp_sd)
  • Wind Speed out of range error(win_spd_out_of_range_error)
  • Std Dev of Dew Point Temperature(dew_pt_temp_sd)
  • Minimum Vapor Pressure(vap_pres_min)
  • Mean Dew Point Temperature(dew_pt_temp_mean)
  • PTB Serial Error(atmos_pressure_PTB_serial_error)
  • Dew point temperature out of range error(dew_pt_temp_out_of_range_error)
  • Minimum Dew Point Temperature(dew_pt_temp_min)
  • Maximum Wind Speed(wind_spd_max)
  • Relative humidity minimum(relh_min)
  • Std Dev of Wind Speed(wind_spd_sd)
  • Vapor Pressure out of range error(vap_pres_out_of_range_error)
  • Number of timeouts reading the met tower data by height(read_timeout_count)
  • Maximum Vapor Pressure(vap_pres_max)
  • base time in epoch(base_time)
  • Internal Temperature out of range error(internal_temp_out_of_range_error)
  • Relative humidity out of range error(relh_out_of_range_error)
  • Out of Range Error(atmos_pressure_out_of_range_error)
  • Relative humidity mean(relh_mean)
  • mifkbum temp between outputs(temp_min)
  • Maximum Wind Direction(wind_dir_max)
  • Mean Vapor Pressure(vap_pres_mean)
  • Wind speed vector average(wind_spd_vec_avg)
  • Read Timeout Error(atmos_pressure_read_timeout_error)
  • Relative humidity maximum(relh_max)
  • Dew Point Temperature Hardware Error(dew_pt_hardware_error)
  • Internal Voltage out of range error(internal_voltage_out_of_range_error)
  • Wind direction standard deviation(wind_dir_sd)
  • Std Dev of Vapor Pressure(vap_pres_sd)
  • Wind direction vector average(wind_dir_vec_avg)
  • lon(lon)
  • Std Dev of Relative Humidity or Hardware Error Code(relh_sd)
  • Minimum Wind Speed(wind_spd_min)
  • Mean Wind Speed(wind_spd_mean)
  • Air Temperature Hardware Error(temp_hardware_error)
  • Time offset from base_time(time_offset)
  • Maximum Dew Point Temperature(dew_pt_temp_max)
  • Minimum Wind Direction(wind_dir_min)
  • Temperature maximum(temp_max)
  • (Raw data stream - documentation not supported)

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