DQRID : D020703.3
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NSA/ORG/C1 - Optical Rain Gauge incorrect at very low temperatures
The ORG reports precipitation rates that are more than 2 orders of
magnitude greater than those reported by the present weather sensor
when the temperature drops below -25 C.  Examples of this error can
be seen in the data for January 11-13, 2000, however the problem is
not isolated to these days.

A drift occurs when temps are in the range of -25 C to -40 C that
exceeds the maximum drift allowed/expected for the instrument.  The
drift is then reported as precipitation.

The manufacturer of the instrument has not yet been able to identify a
fix for the problem.
Do not use precipitation data from the ORG when
temperatures drop below -25 C.
  • ORG Serial Error(precip_serial_error)
  • Daily Accumulation(precip_daily_accum)
  • NWS code(precip_NWS_code)
  • Precipitation intensity(precip_rate)
  • ORG No Data Error(precip_no_data_error)
  • ORG Read Timeout Error(precip_read_timeout_error)
  • Daily Accumulation out of range error(precip_out_of_range_error)

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