DQRID : D040408.1
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SGP/ECOR/E16 - Data suspect due to inability to run QC
DataStreams:sgp30ecorE16.b1, sgpecorE16.00
Some QC checks were unsuccessful due to a communication failure that resulted in 
contaminated QC field data.

All the data that are based on water vapor density and CO2 concentration are "suspect" 
because many of the standard QC checks were not employed.
The wind, temp, sensible heat flux, and momentum flux were not affected.
  • Latent heat of vaporization(lv)
  • Number of bad or out of range q samples(n_bad_q)
  • covariance of tq(cvar_tq)
  • number of valid c samples(n_good_c)
  • kurtosis of variable c(kurt_c)
  • 0=real or 1=dummy value of rho(real_rho)
  • variance of q(var_q)
  • Rotated covariance vc(cvar_rot_vc)
  • rotated covariance vq(cvar_rot_vq)
  • number of valid q samples(n_good_q)
  • Number of q samples removed due to spikes(n_spk_q)
  • Covariance vq(cvar_vq)
  • number of samples with \IRGA hardware problem\ flag(n_bad_irga)
  • mean value of out of range values and spikes of c -9999 if no spikes(mean_spk_c)
  • Covariance uc(cvar_uc)
  • Covariance wc(cvar_wc)
  • skewness of variable c(skew_c)
  • CO2 flux(fc)
  • Covariance qc(cvar_qc)
  • average voltage of IRGA cooler(mean_cooler)
  • latent heat flux(lv_e)
  • mean water vapor concentration (q)(mean_q)
  • mean value of out of range values and spikes of q -9999 if no spikes(mean_spk_q)
  • Status of source for latent heat of vaporization(real_lv)
  • Number of bad or out of range c samples(n_bad_c)
  • covariance uq(cvar_uq)
  • mean co2 concentration (c)(mean_c)
  • rotated covariance uc(cvar_rot_uc)
  • specific heat of moist air(cp)
  • skewness of variable q(skew_q)
  • Rotated covariance wc(cvar_rot_wc)
  • rotated covariance wq(cvar_rot_wq)
  • Water vapor mixing ratio observed by the Raman lidar(mr)
  • covariance wq(cvar_wq)
  • number of samples with IRGA optical path blocked flag(n_bad_irga_light)
  • Covariance tc(cvar_tc)
  • Atmospheric pressure(atm_pres)
  • variance of c(var_c)
  • covariance vc(cvar_vc)
  • Status of source for mixing ratio(real_mr)
  • Rotated covariance uq(cvar_rot_uq)
  • kurtosis of variable q(kurt_q)
  • Average temperature (IGRA internal sensor)(temp_irga)
  • 0=real or 1=dummy value of cp(real_cp)
  • Number of c samples removed due to spikes(n_spk_c)
  • moist air density(rho)
  • (Raw data stream - documentation not supported)

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