DQRID : D040815.1
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TWP/SONDE/C2 - Operator used wrong calibration tape
It appears as though the opperator used the wrong calibration tape for this sounding.  The 
primary symptom is a jump in temperature from a surface value of 30.1 degC to the first 
value aloft of 61.0 degC.  Secondly, the recorded serial number for this sounding is 
Z1430179 which is the same serial number recorded for the previous sounding.

This problem points to three failures of procedure (I have notified TWP site ops by 
e-mail).  The first failure is using the wrong tape. The second failure is not checking the 
radiosonde values before launch which relates to the third failure of not entering the 
radiosonde values as the surface values of the sounding.
No fix:  the data should be discarded.
  • Ascent rate(asc)
  • Time offset from base_time(time_offset)
  • Wind status(wstat)
  • lon(lon)
  • -180.0 - +180.0(alt)
  • Dry Bulb Temperature(tdry)
  • Retrieved pressure profile(pres)
  • Easterly Wind Component(u_wind)
  • base time in epoch(base_time)
  • Relative Humidity (hybrid-b grid)(rh)
  • Wind Direction(deg)
  • Wind Speed(wspd)
  • V wind component(v_wind)
  • Dewpoint Temperature(dp)
  • North Latitude(lat)

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