DQRID : D041004.2
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NSA/METTWR/C2 -  All Data Missing or Incorrect during Maintenance
All data incorrect or missing due to change of the Serial Data multiplexer and the Vaisala 
QLI data collector during these times.
  • Standard Deviation of 2m Calculated Vapor Pressure(VP2m_STD)
  • Cumulative Water Sum(CumH2O)
  • Standard Deviation of Vector Averaged Wind Direction(WinDir_SDU_WVT)
  • Standard Deviation of 5m Calculated Vapor Pressure(VP5m_STD)
  • 1 hour Present Weather Code(PWCod1hr)
  • Standard Deviation of 2m Temperature(T2m_STD)
  • Vector Averaged Wind Direction(WinDir_DU_WVT)
  • Standard Deviation of 5m Relative Humidity(RH5m_STD)
  • 10 minute Average Visibility(AvgVis10m)
  • QLI Average Reference Temperature(RefTemp_AVG)
  • Chilled Mirror Calculated Vapor Pressure(VPCMH)
  • Arithmetic Mean Wind Speed(WinSpeed_S_WVT)
  • QLI Average Input Voltage(QLIVolt_AVG)
  • Standard Deviation of 2m Relative Humidity(RH2m_STD)
  • 2m Average Temperature(T2m_AVG)
  • 5m Average Temperature(T5m_AVG)
  • 2m Average Relative Humidity(RH2m_AVG)
  • 5m Average Relative Humidity(RH5m_AVG)
  • Present Weather Sensor Alarm(PWSAlarm)
  • Vector Averaged Wind Speed(WinSpeed_U_WVT)
  • Standard Deviation of 2m Calculated Dew Point(DP2m_STD)
  • Datalogger Battery Voltage(batt_volt)
  • Chilled Mirror Dew Point(CMHDP)
  • Standard Deviation of 5m Calculated Dew Point(DP5m_STD)
  • Atmospheric Pressure(AtmPress)
  • Precipitation Rate(PCPRate)
  • Standard Deviation of 5m Temperature(T5m_STD)
  • 5m Average Calculated Vapor Pressure(VP5m_AVG)
  • 1 minute Average Visibility(AvgVis1mi)
  • 2m Average Calculated Dew Point(DP2m_AVG)
  • Chilled Mirror Temperature(CMHTemp)
  • 2m Average Calculated Vapor Pressure(VP2m_AVG)
  • Instant Present Weather Code(InstPWCod)
  • Chilled Mirror Calculated Saturation Vapor Pressure(SatVPCMH)
  • 5m Average Calculated Dew Point(DP5m_AVG)
  • 15 minute Present Weather Code(PWcod15mi)
  • Cumulative Snow Sum(CumSnow)
  • Chilled Mirror Calculated Relative Humidity(CMHRH)

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