DQRID : D041015.2
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SGP/PGS/C1 - Reprocessing User Notes
Precise Gas System (pgs) daily b1 files should have a dimension of 480, corresponding to a 
measurement every 3 minutes. Previously submitted files had a dimension of 481, the last 
time step of each individual file being mistakenly repeated.
Data users should take note of the changes.
  • longitude of instument location(site_longitude)
  • calibration coefficient 3 (quadratic fit) 90% confidence limit(coeff3_se)
  • calibration coefficient 1 (quadratic fit) 90% confidence limit(coeff1_se)
  • Temperature in refigerator(t_refrig)
  • MFRSR channels(channel)
  • Pressure of channel 2(pres2)
  • surface pressure(pres1)
  • Pressure of channel 4(pres4)
  • Slope of CO2 readings during last 30sec of 3min period of raw data(co2mv_slope)
  • r-squared of quadratic fit(r2)
  • Pressure of channel 3(pres3)
  • calibration coefficient 3 (quadratic fit)(coeff3)
  • calibration coefficient 2 (quadratic fit)(coeff2)
  • calibration coefficient 1 (quadratic fit)(coeff1)
  • pressure inside the IRGA box measured by the pressure controller(pres_ctrlr)
  • p-value of co2 readings during the last 30sec of 3min period of raw data(co2mv_slope_pval)
  • flag indicating which channel isotope sample was taken from(iso)
  • latitude of instument location(site_latitude)
  • calculated concentration of CO2(co2ppm)
  • reading of CO2 in mV(co2mv)
  • Second level of QC, see reject_flag_explanation global attribute(reject_flag)
  • calibration coefficient 2 (quadratic fit) 90% confidence limit(coeff2_se)
  • reference CO2 reading in mV(ref)
  • First level of QC, see warn_flag_explanation global attribute(warn_flag)
  • height of base of instrument tower(site_elevation)
  • flow rate measured by the mass flow controller(flow_rate)
  • standard deviation of co2mv(co2mv_se)
  • Date and time in alternate form(yyyymmddhhmmss)
  • 90% confidence limint of co2mv_slope(co2mv_slope_se)
  • temperature of the IRGA(t_irga)
  • Number of measurements for indicated channel(nmeas)
  • adjusted CO2(adj)
  • 90% confidence limit of co2ppm(co2ppm_se)
  • base time in epoch(base_time)

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