DQRID : D041103.2
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
SGP/ECOR/E16 - Failed IRGA
The infrared gas analyzer (IRGA) failed on Nov. 2, 2004, 02:00; the system continued to 
operate without H2O and CO2 data until Nov. 9, 2004, 15:30; then it stopped due to another 
hardware failure. The system was returned to service on Nov. 12, 2004, 18:00.

The latent heat flux and CO2 flux data are irrevocably lost for the period from Nov. 2, 
2004, 02:00 to Nov. 12, 2004, 18:00.
  • Latent heat of vaporization(lv)
  • Number of bad or out of range q samples(n_bad_q)
  • covariance of tq(cvar_tq)
  • number of valid c samples(n_good_c)
  • kurtosis of variable c(kurt_c)
  • 0=real or 1=dummy value of rho(real_rho)
  • variance of q(var_q)
  • Rotated covariance vc(cvar_rot_vc)
  • rotated covariance vq(cvar_rot_vq)
  • number of valid q samples(n_good_q)
  • Number of q samples removed due to spikes(n_spk_q)
  • Covariance vq(cvar_vq)
  • number of samples with \IRGA hardware problem\ flag(n_bad_irga)
  • mean value of out of range values and spikes of c -9999 if no spikes(mean_spk_c)
  • Covariance uc(cvar_uc)
  • Covariance wc(cvar_wc)
  • skewness of variable c(skew_c)
  • CO2 flux(fc)
  • Covariance qc(cvar_qc)
  • average voltage of IRGA cooler(mean_cooler)
  • latent heat flux(lv_e)
  • mean water vapor concentration (q)(mean_q)
  • mean value of out of range values and spikes of q -9999 if no spikes(mean_spk_q)
  • Status of source for latent heat of vaporization(real_lv)
  • Number of bad or out of range c samples(n_bad_c)
  • covariance uq(cvar_uq)
  • mean co2 concentration (c)(mean_c)
  • rotated covariance uc(cvar_rot_uc)
  • specific heat of moist air(cp)
  • skewness of variable q(skew_q)
  • Rotated covariance wc(cvar_rot_wc)
  • rotated covariance wq(cvar_rot_wq)
  • Water vapor mixing ratio observed by the Raman lidar(mr)
  • covariance wq(cvar_wq)
  • number of samples with IRGA optical path blocked flag(n_bad_irga_light)
  • Covariance tc(cvar_tc)
  • Atmospheric pressure(atm_pres)
  • variance of c(var_c)
  • covariance vc(cvar_vc)
  • Status of source for mixing ratio(real_mr)
  • Rotated covariance uq(cvar_rot_uq)
  • kurtosis of variable q(kurt_q)
  • Average temperature (IGRA internal sensor)(temp_irga)
  • 0=real or 1=dummy value of cp(real_cp)
  • Number of c samples removed due to spikes(n_spk_c)
  • moist air density(rho)

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