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SGP/BRS/C1 - Monthly Summary
Data quality this site-month is poor. This is due largely to the missing Upwelling
Shortwave and Upwelling Longwave the entire month. This problem has been ongoing for
several months now. DQPR # 124 asserted that the Global PSP was recording inaccurate
readings. Thus, the Global PSP was changed out on the 17th by site ops. Prior to the
17th, the Global PSP was falling below nighttime empirical limits on most nights and
there were severe 3 component failures during the day. The change out of the PSP
mitigated the severity of the 3 component failures and eliminated the nighttime empirical
limits failures. There were still substantial 3 component flags after the 17th.
I would discard the Global data before the 17th. The change out is complete as

rather than the constant zenith angle will help with the 3 component failures.
  • 25 meter Upwelling Shortwave Hemispheric Irradiance, Pyranometer(up_short_hemisp)
  • Down-welling unshaded pyranometer voltage(down_short_hemisp)
  • 10 meter Upwelling Longwave Hemispheric Irradiance, Pyrgeometer(up_long_hemisp)
  • Downwelling longwave hemispheric irradiance, shaded pyrgeometer(down_long_hemisp_shaded)
  • Shortwave direct normal irradiance, pyrheliometer(short_direct_normal)
  • Downwelling Shortwave Diffuse Hemispheric Irradiance, Ventilated Pyranometer(down_short_diffuse_hemisp)

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