DQRID : D050509.8
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SGP/MMCR/C1 - Missing or corrupt spectral data files
Some or all of the SGP.C1 MMCR spectral data archived during this time period were 
corrupted due to problems with the media used to transfer the data.  Known corrupt files have 
been removed from the ARM Archive but users should be aware that additional corrupt data 
files may still be accessible.

Note: If you identify corrupt data files, please contact the ARM Archive at 
armarchive@ornl.gov or 865-241-4851.
  • Receiver 290K Level(Rx290KLevel)
  • Minimum detectable reflectivity(MinimumDetectableReflectivity)
  • RadarWaveLength(m) / [4 * InterPulsePeriod(s) * NumCoherentIntegrations](NyquistVelocity)
  • Max. height of clutter removal(ClutterHeight)
  • Receiver Gain(RxGain)
  • base time in epoch(base_time)
  • Time offset from base_time(time_offset)
  • Number of Range Gates(NumHeights)
  • Radar Constant(RadarConstant)
  • lon(lon)
  • Number of Code Bits(NumCodeBits)
  • DC Filtering ON-OFF Status(DCFilterONOFF)
  • Receiver Cal Check Level(CalCheckLevel)
  • Spectra(Spectra)
  • First Order Estimate of Spectral Count Calibration(CalibrationConstant)
  • Pulse Width(PulseWidth)
  • MMCR Mean Doppler Velocity(MeanDopplerVelocity)
  • Azimuth(Azimuth)
  • Circular Depolarization Ratio(CircularDepolarizationRatio)
  • Average Noise Level (S/N<0)(AvgNoiseLevel)
  • North Latitude(lat)
  • Inter-Pulse Period(InterPulsePeriod)
  • Mean Noise Level(NoiseLevel)
  • Data Quality Status(DataQualityStatus)
  • Current Receiver Number(ReceiverNumber)
  • Receiver Mode(ReceiverMode)
  • radar mode char identifier(ModeDescription)
  • Windowing ON-OFF Status(WindowingONOFF)
  • Receiver Sky Noise(SkyNoiseLevel)
  • Reflectivity(Reflectivity)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio(SignalToNoiseRatio)
  • Power (uncalibrated)(Power)
  • Range Heights (center of radar sample volume)(Heights)
  • Receiver Cal Time Stamp(RxCalTimeStamp)
  • Range Corrected Calibrated Power(RangeCorrectedPower)
  • Operating Set for this Record(ModeNum)
  • MMCR Spectral Width(SpectralWidth)
  • Number of Coherent Integrations(NumCoherentIntegrations)
  • Receiver Cal Check Time Stamp(CalCheckTime)
  • Number of Points in FFT(NumFFT)
  • Elevation(Elevation)
  • Number of Spectral Averages(NumSpectralAverages)
  • Gate Spacing(GateSpacing)
  • -180.0 - +180.0(alt)
  • Number of Receiver(NumReceivers)
  • Delay to First Range Gate(StartGateDelay)

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