DQRID : D050524.3
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SGP/ECOR/E6 - Sonic Sensor failure
Due to sonic sensor failure, wind, temperature and sensible heat flux data are suspect.
Use data with caution
  • rotated mean v(mean_rot_v)
  • rotated mean w(mean_rot_w)
  • Rotated mean u(mean_rot_u)
  • Standard deviation of wind direction(std_wind_dir)
  • number of valid t samples(n_good_t)
  • Number of valid u samples(n_good_u)
  • number of valid v samples(n_good_v)
  • Number of valid w samples(n_good_w)
  • Covariance uv(cvar_uv)
  • covariance uw(cvar_uw)
  • covariance ut(cvar_ut)
  • Kurtosis of variable mean_t(kurt_t)
  • Mean value of "spike" t samples(mean_spk_t)
  • Standard deviation of wind elevation angle(std_elev)
  • Mean value of "spike" u samples(mean_spk_u)
  • kurtosis of variable v(kurt_v)
  • kurtosis of variable u(kurt_u)
  • Mean value of "spike" v samples(mean_spk_v)
  • mean value of \spike\ w samples(mean_spk_w)
  • kurtosis of variable w(kurt_w)
  • number of t samples removed due to spikes(n_spk_t)
  • Number of u samples removed due to spikes(n_spk_u)
  • number of v samples removed due to spikes(n_spk_v)
  • number of w samples removed due to spikes(n_spk_w)
  • Vector averaged wind speed(wind_spd)
  • Number of bad or out of range t samples(n_bad_t)
  • number of samples with bad sonic status flag(n_bad_son_ic)
  • vector averaged wind direction(wind_dir)
  • vertical (elevation) wind angle(elev)
  • covariance wt(cvar_wt)
  • rotated variance w(var_rot_w)
  • variance of variable w(var_w)
  • variance of v(var_rot_v)
  • Variance of variable mean_v(var_v)
  • skewness of variable w(skew_w)
  • skewness of variable t(skew_t)
  • variance of variable u(var_u)
  • Rotated variance u(var_rot_u)
  • Skewness of variable mean_v(skew_v)
  • skewness of variable u(skew_u)
  • variance of t(var_t)
  • number of bad or out of range w samples(n_bad_w)
  • number of bad or out of range u samples(n_bad_u)
  • number of bad or out of range v samples(n_bad_v)
  • Rotated covariance ut(cvar_rot_ut)
  • rotated covariance uv(cvar_rot_uv)
  • rotated covariance uw(cvar_rot_uw)
  • Covariance vt(cvar_vt)
  • friction velocity(ustar)
  • rotation to zero v(phi)
  • Rotated covariance vt(cvar_rot_vt)
  • Down-boom wind velocity (u)(mean_u)
  • Covariance vw(cvar_vw)
  • mean sonic temperature (t), i.e. virtual temperature(mean_t)
  • Vertical wind velocity (w)(mean_w)
  • Cross-boom wind velocity (v)(mean_v)
  • rotated covariance vw(cvar_rot_vw)

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