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SGP/MMCR/C1 - Dual polarization modes discontinued
During a heat spell, the MMCR shelter internal temperature approached 100 F after the air 
conditioner failed. Either the heat, or a UPS failure, caused a failure of the MMCR radar 
computer hard disk. I had a spare computer shipped from Barrow and installed it on 
8.24.2010. I was unable to get the dual polarization modes working. With help from Coy 
Chanders (the software developer) and Ken Moran (the hardware developer), we were able to 
determine the problem was the spare was running an older version of Lap-XM.  

Since the MMCR will be upgraded in two months and the antenna (to be replaced in September 
and its cross-polarization isolation makes cross-polarization essentially worthless), I 
decided to eliminate the dual-polarization modes. Dual polarization will return with the 
MMCR upgrade in October.

The MMCR was removed from service 20110104 to be replaced by the KAZR instrument.
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