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PGH/TSI/M1 - Reprocessing Notice (RID 712)
See below for details of reprocessing that was completed on 20150310.  Original DQR 
category: 5 (Transparent - Does not affect quality).


The TSI names the daily tsimovie file with the UTC date in which the sun rises and the 
file begins. At PGH in the summer, the sun rises just before 00:00 (earliest sunrise is at 
23:41) so the daily movie should start and the file be named with the date that is prior 
to much of the remainder of the file. 

The TSI at PGH was set to start automatically each morning at 23:58 UTC but it should have 
been set to start about 20 minutes earlier. Therefore, sky images for the first few 
minutes of each day through 7/19, when the sun began rising after 23:58, were not collected. 

On 8/26, the times of the scheduled tasks were adjusted to those that should have been 
used from the beginning of deployment.

Since only a maximum of three images were collected prior to 00:00 UTC each day, it will 
be less confusing for data users if these images were removed from the daily movie files 
through 7/19. 

Reprocessing has been requested.  In the meantime, the pghtsimovieM1.a1 files have been 
renamed to reflect the date the bulk of the data represents.
  • (MPEG data stream - documentation not yet available)

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