DQRID : D150728.2
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TWP/CSAPR/I10 - General Quality Statement
The CSAPR continues to undergo evaluation by the radar instrument mentors, VAP developers, 
DQ Office, site scientists, users, etc.  As more in-depth analysis and calibration 
studies take place, we anticipate that new insights will be gained to increase the quality of 
the data and decrease the uncertainty of the measurements.  This is a continuous 
improvement process and issues will be addressed as they are discovered.

As issues are discovered, attempts will be made to correct data that is currently in the 
Archive.  However, retrospective correction of errors due calibration, signal processing, 
component degradation and software bugs may not be possible for many of the data files.

This open-ended DQR is an advisory that some aspects of the data quality are not yet 
known.  It is also a request for users that find issues or questions with the data to contact 
the ARM Radar Engineering & Operations Group Manager as these issues occur so that they 
can be investigated and corrected if necessary.
  • gate
  • copol_coeff
  • copol_coeff_unf
  • dp_phase_shift_unf
  • time
  • power_vertical
  • power_horizontal_unf
  • reflectivity_vertical_unf
  • norm_coherent_power_unf
  • dp_phase_shift
  • doppler_spectral_width
  • mean_doppler_velocity_unf
  • reflectivity_horizontal_unf
  • power_vertical_unf
  • reflectivity_vertical
  • norm_coherent_power
  • diff_reflectivity
  • diff_reflectivity_unf
  • mean_doppler_velocity
  • power_horizontal
  • diff_phase
  • diff_phase_unf
  • doppler_spectral_width_unf
  • reflectivity_horizontal

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