DQRID : D170322.4
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09/16/20110000Open Ended0000Does not affect quality
SGP/MET/E31 - Temperature/humidity sensor occasionally failed 6-month field calibration 
The temperature/humidity sensor has not been calibrated since 9/16/2011. The temperature 
reading failed three 6-month field calibration checks during this time, but has passed all 
field calibration checks after 5/5/2014.

In comparison with a nearby Mesonet site, there is evidence of the sensor relative 
humidity reading lower than expected, on average. During the day, the sensor relative humidity 
reads lower on average when compared to the Mesonet sensor. At night, the sensor relative 
humidity averages higher than the Mesonet sensor. There is also evidence of a possible 
small cold bias in the temperature data. An exit calibration will characterize severity 
when the sensor is replaced.

In general, the relative humidity may have been subject to drift during this time. The 
manufacturer characterizes sensor drift at <1% / year.
Please contact the mentor for specific information regarding the field calibration 

check results, if necessary.
  • rh_mean
  • temp_mean
  • vapor_pressure_mean

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