DQRID : D170405.11
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SGP/RADFLUXANAL/E19 - Reprocess: Input data 5 minute averaged data reported as 1 minute
Some data from the input datastream (qcrad1long.c2) that was expected to be 1-minute 
averages reported each minute was actually a 5-minute average assigned to a 1-minute interval. 
 Thus for those measurements, a value is documented for the first minute in each 
5-minute cycle with the remaining 4 values being missing.  The input data will be reprocessed to 
correct this error, after which this data product will be reprocessed.

Additionally, some LW irradiance QC checks are only applied once every 5 minutes, so not 
all data has been screened because of the missing meteorological values. There is not 
necessarily anything wrong with these irradiance measurements, there is just less information 
about the quality.
If users want to use the affected measurements the simplest work around is to assign 

the provided value to the 4 missing samples.
  • wind_direction
  • precipitation
  • pressure
  • air_temperature
  • wind_speed
  • relative_humidity

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