DQRID : D000112.2
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TWP/SKYRAD - Manus PIR-G RGD1,2,3 bad 1999/10/25-2000/01/06
DataStreams:twpskyrad20sC1.a1, twpskyradC1.00
Due to an error in the Manus SKYRAD data logger configuration, the
instantaneous values reported from the PIR-G (unshaded pyrgeometer) dome
thermistor are incorrect.  This only affects the instantaneous (10s, 30s
and 50s) data points.  The correct values were used in the calculation
of the PIR irradiance.  The affected values are obvious, as they are
round -26,000 ohms.  The bad data values are RGD1, RGD2 and RGD3, in
columns 11, 12 and 13 of the actual data (starting AFTER the "flags"
The bad resistances (X) can be corrected by the following formula:
correct resistance = -(X) - 19944;
  • Raw data stream - documentation not supported

  • pir1_dome_therm

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