DQRID : D020717.5
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SGP/EBBR/E9 - Right Humidity Suspect
DataStreams:sgp5ebbrE9.b1, sgp30ebbrE9.b1
The Right Humidity measurement was normally incorrect, although it is often difficult to 
determine it by looking at the measurement.  The measurements float around, sometimes 
being too large and sometimes being too small, through most of the day, particularly for the 
hour before sunset through the hour after sunrise.  Great care and comparison with 
surrounding EBBR sites would be needed to be able to use any of the latent and sensible heat 
flux measurements from E9 for this period. 

Another DQPR has been issued to fix this problem, which has eluded repair efforts so far.
  • vapor_pressure_top
  • rh_bottom_fraction
  • vapor_pressure_bottom
  • Heat flux, sensible, at 1.5-m height, 30-min intervals(sensible_heat_flux)
  • Heat flux, latent, at 1.5-m height, 30-min intervals(latent_heat_flux)
  • rh_top_fraction

  • vapor_pressure_bottom
  • rh_top_fraction
  • vapor_pressure_top
  • rh_bottom_fraction

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