DQRID : D121029.2
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PGH/GNDRAD/M1 - Incorrect calibration coefficients
DataStreams:pghgndrad20sM1.a0, pghgndrad60sM1.b1, pghgndradM1.00
During the entire India deployment the Gndrad system was configured with incorrect 
calibration coefficients for the shortwave instruments. The program hadn't been updated since 
the previous deployment in the Azores.
The instrument mentor, site personal and OSS support have attempted to best determine the 
serial numbers of instruments installed at PGH during the deployment period.  The 
following instrument data will need to be reprocessed with the following correction multipliers:
PIR-UIR(up_long_hemisp): ok-no correction required
PSP-US (up_short_hemsip): 117.97(correct)/129.42(incorrect) = 0.91153
IRT: calibration should be validated by instrument mentor (Vic Morris): mult=25, 

Correct serial numbers:
PSP-US (up_short_hemsip): 33941F3
Data should not be used until it is reprocessed.
  • Raw data stream - documentation not supported

  • inst_up_short_hemisp
  • inst_sfc_ir_signal

  • Effective Surface (Skin) Temperature(sfc_ir_temp)
  • sfc_ir_temp_std
  • Surface Infra-Red Temperature Minima(sfc_ir_temp_min)
  • Upwelling Shortwave Hemispheric Irradiance, Unventilated Pyranometer, Maxima(up_short_hemisp_max)
  • Radiation, shortwave, at 10-m height, upwelling hemispheric irrad., 1-min avg(up_short_hemisp)
  • Upwelling Shortwave Hemispheric Irradiance, Unventilated Pyranometer, Minima(up_short_hemisp_min)
  • up_short_hemisp_std
  • Surface Infra-Red Temperature Maxima(sfc_ir_temp_max)

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