About the ARM Archive

The missions of the ARM Archive are to:

  1. receive and manage the data and information generated during the course of the ARM Project, and
  2. provide ARM data to the general scientific community with enough additional information so that any atmospheric or environmental scientist user anywhere can select and receive the ARM data that suits his or her research needs.

The ARM Archive stores and manage data files in a large robotically controlled tape library (operated jointly with the ORNL Center for Computational Sciences). The Archive also provides user access to the data through either WWW based interfaces or via e-mail to the ARM Archive User Service Staff (armarchive@ornl.gov).

Since its inception in June 1992, the ARM Archive has collected about 41 terabytes in over 6,700,000 files, with more arriving daily. Users of the Archive retrieve 100,000-250,000 data files per month from the stored file collection. The ARM Archive is located in the Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A.