ARM Data Archive

Data collected through the routine operations and scientific field experiments of the ARM Climate Research Facility are stored at and distributed through the Archive. These data are available to the public free of charge. Data can be acquired via the methods described below or by browsing the "instruments", "measurements", and other tabs above and looking for pages that have "Build an Order" in their right-side navigation.

Get routine ARM data

Select datastreams, view quality information about the data and order data files with the Data Browser. The "Novice Interface" guides new users through the process, while the "Datastream Interface" is designed for users experienced with ARM data.

Data Cart [ ? ]

Browse ARM website pages to find datastreams of interest to place in the Archive data cart. This can be done by clicking "Build an Order" from any instrument, measurement, datastream, or VAP page.

The catalog based user interface presents, in an interactive sequence of tables, a hierarchical summary of available data files organized in a way that will be useful to the inexperienced, as well as the expert Archive user.

View prepared plots of data to quickly find data of interest to you. The thumbnail browser uses location, measurement type and date range selections to retrieve data plot thumbnails that the user can browse. You can also download high-resolution images of the data plots, or download the data files.

Users select a location and measurement and then drill down through time scales ranging from the full period of record to individual months. In addition to viewing graphs displayed by this interface, access to extractions of data behind the statistical graphs, obtain the measurements that were used for the statistics, or place the order for related ARM data files.

Get special data

Browse and download data generated from ARM Intensive Operation Periods or "IOPs". Data is stored in a directory structure organized by year, site, IOP name and instrument. A README file is included in each directory to provide documentation.

Plot previously ordered data

NCV Web [ ? ]

NCVWeb is an interactive NetCDF data plotting tool users can use to plot the data they have ordered from the archive, or plot regular standing data orders, eliminating the need for separate visualization software. It has many powerful features such as producing detailed tables of NetCDF file contents, data extraction, generating statistics, and plotting one variable against another.