DQRID : D081022.12
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NIM/MET/S1 - Wind Speed data contain offset due to induced voltage
The marine model of the RM Young wind sensor needs twisted pair shielded cable.  The 
manufacturer did not originally supply the pigtail with twisted pair shielded cable.  Use of 
twisted pair shielded cable for the rest of the cable run to the logger was also not 
specified.  This caused an induced voltage in the wind speed line from the wind direction 
excitation.  The induced voltage varied from sensor to sensor and probably changed anytime 
the cable was replaced or parts of the wind sensor were repaired or replaced. The induced 
voltage has been seen to vary from 0.15 m/s to as much as 1.08 m/s.
Investigate the data for the time period in use for times when the wind direction 

does not change (Stdev is 0) and the wind speed does not change (Stdev ~ 0).  If the wind 
speed is not 0 and is a consistent value then the value is the offset and should be 
removed (subtracted) from the actual wind speed.
  • wind_spd_arith_avg
  • wind_spd_arith_min
  • wind_spd_vec_avg
  • wind_spd_arith_sd
  • wind_spd_arith_max

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