DQRID : D080428.4
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time Data Quality Metric
07/01/2004000006/30/20102359Does not affect quality
TWP/SMET/C2 - Reprocess: ORG Data has very small rainrate values
The ORG data is collected via analog signal and not digital.  Therefore, we continuously 
collect data even when no rain is occurring.  We also capture small events such as leaves, 
large bugs, dust, etc blowing through the measurement path.  Because this discrete event 
occurs quickly the value is usually captured for 1 or 2 seconds.  This value is then 
averaged to the minute producing rainrate on the order of .009 mm/hr or less.  

These values are not indicative of rain and should be removed from the record or summing 
over long periods can bias the climate record.  We will reprocess the data to remove these 
small values.
  • precip_max
  • precip_mean
  • precip_min
  • precip_sd

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