DQRID : D100402.3
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GRW/WACR/M1 - Coherence Filter Contamination
The coherence filter (software) that was added to the WACR under BCR-01500 was causing 
occasional contamination to WACR data.  This was exhibited in the first 2000 m of range by 
streaking in the data over a period of time. It didn't occur often and when it did, it is 
quite obvious looking at the plots.  

On 4/2/2010 at 12:00 UTC, the coherence filter was modified to preclude working on signals 
with a SNR greater than 60 dB.  The vendor thinks this will solve the problem.
Spectra data can probably be "easily" filtered to remove this artifact. Regenerating 

the Doppler moments from the filtered spectra will need to be done.
  • Polarization
  • MeanDopplerVelocity
  • PowerAmbientLoad
  • Noise
  • Temp_Chiller_Supply
  • lat
  • Temp_Hot
  • wacr_status
  • time
  • Temp_Future
  • lon
  • PowerTransmitDriver
  • Temp_Computer_Enclosure
  • SignalToNoiseRatio
  • Temp_LNA
  • Temp_Outside
  • txpower
  • base_time
  • Temp_Chiller
  • Temp_Modulator_Control
  • heights
  • SpectralWidth
  • alt
  • Temp_Chiller_Return
  • Reflectivity
  • Temp_ambient
  • Temp_EIKA
  • PowerHotLoad
  • Temp_Antenna_Bottom
  • time_offset
  • Temp_modulator
  • Temp_Antenna_Top

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