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SGP/ECOR/E21 - Forest Decline Effect on Fluxes
The Okmulgee Forest, particularly oak trees, have declined in health in the past two years 
as a result of a combination of drought stress leading to fungus infestation. About one 
third of the oak trees in the vicinity of and upwind of the Okmulgee tower have died and 
another one third were in significant decline by the time of inspection of the tower on 
October 11, 2012. There was evidence of decline having begun at the time of my tower 
inspection in October 2010. Clearly, this condition should be reflected in reduced latent heat 
and CO2 fluxes, and increased sensible heat flux in comparison to years previous to 
Autumn 2010.

ECOR measurements of sensible heat flux (increased), latent heat flux (decreased), and CO2 
flux (decreased) are all affected by the decline in forest canopy.
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