DQRID : D140822.10
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time Data Quality Metric
05/02/2009000012/30/20102359Does not affect quality
GRW/MERGESONDE/M1 - Reprocessing Notice (RID 1224)
See below for details of reprocessing that was completed on 20150209.  Original DQR 
category: 3 (Yellow, Suspect).


MERGESONDE sometimes uses bad or questionable precipitable water vapor data to scale the 
relative humidity profiles provided by the rh_scaled field. In addition, this bad input 
data is not properly indicated by the vapor_source or qc_rh_scaled fields. This problem 
appears to typically occur when there is moisture impacting the microwave radiometer causing 
large spikes in brightness temperatures. During these periods the rh_scaled values are 
often saturated at 101% for much of the profile. 

A new version of the MERGESONDE VAP has corrected this problem, and these data will 
eventually be corrected by a reprocessing task.
  • vapor_source
  • rh_scaled

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