DQRID : D110805.1
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time Data Quality Metric
SGP/SIRS/E10 - MUX failure
DataStreams:sgpsirs20sE10.a0, sgpsirsE10.b1
Starting on 7/18/2010 there were periodic large dropouts in the downwelling shortwave 
hemipsheric data eventually leading to failures in all other SIRS data throughout the 
specified time range.   Subsequent and extensive corrective maintenance was ongoing until 
6/22/2011 when all measurement problems were resolved.  

Due to the extensive data disruption during this time range all data from this station is 

For shortwave datastreams,however, data review reveals that the VAP qcrad1longE10.c1 and 
s1 datastreams have accurately flagged and removed suspect shortwave data and provides the 
user the most accurate values available for short_direct_normal, down_short_diffuse and 
The user is referred to the best estimate data in the s1 datastream.

Longwave data after 8/18/2010 1800GMT is known to be biased from 0 to +20 W/m2. The user 
is advised to not use the down_long_hemisp_shaded and up_long_hemisp datastreams in any 
form from 8/18/2010 to 6/22/2011.  The sgpqcradlong1E10 datastreams do not effectively flag 
potentially bad data.
Use sgpqcrad1longE10.s1 data for SW data.
  • up_short_hemisp_min
  • down_short_hemisp_min
  • down_long_hemisp_shaded_min
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_max
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_std
  • up_short_hemisp_std
  • inst_down_long_shaded_dome_temp
  • short_direct_normal
  • up_short_hemisp_max
  • inst_up_long_case_temp
  • down_long_netir
  • down_long_hemisp_shaded
  • up_long_hemisp_min
  • up_short_hemisp
  • short_direct_normal_max
  • short_direct_normal_std
  • up_long_hemisp
  • short_direct_normal_min
  • up_long_hemisp_std
  • up_long_hemisp_max
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp
  • down_long_hemisp_shaded_std
  • down_long_hemisp_shaded_max
  • down_short_hemisp_std
  • down_short_hemisp_max
  • down_short_hemisp
  • down_short_diffuse_hemisp_min
  • inst_up_long_dome_temp
  • up_long_netir
  • inst_down_long_shaded_case_temp
  • inst_down_long_shaded_dome_resist
  • inst_global
  • inst_down_long_hemisp_shaded_tp
  • inst_up_long_hemisp_tp
  • inst_up_long_dome_resist
  • inst_down_long_shaded_case_resist
  • inst_up_short_hemisp
  • inst_up_long_case_resist
  • inst_direct_normal
  • inst_diffuse

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