Data Quality Reports for Session: 101219 User: wardrich Completed: 08/21/2006


DQR IDSubjectData Streams Affected
D050215.7SGP/EBBR/E2 - Wind Speed Frozen Stopped By Icesgp5ebbrE2.b1, sgp15ebbrE2.b1, sgp30ebbrE2.b1
D050719.4SGP/EBBR/E2 - Improved EBBR CR10 Programsgp30ebbrE2.b1
D051112.2SGP/EBBR/E2 - metadata correctionssgp5ebbrE2.b1, sgp15ebbrE2.b1, sgp30ebbrE2.b1

DQRID : D050215.7
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
SGP/EBBR/E2  - Wind Speed Frozen Stopped By Ice
DataStreams:sgp5ebbrE2.b1, sgp15ebbrE2.b1, sgp30ebbrE2.b1
An ice storm froze the wind speed sensor to a stopped condition.

The wind speed and residual wind speed measurements are incorrect.

This sensor failure does not affect the sensible and latent heat fluxes.
  • scalar wind speed(wind_s)

  • scalar wind speed(wind_s)
  • Resultant wind speed(res_ws)

  • Resultant wind speed(res_ws)
  • scalar wind speed(wind_s)

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DQRID : D050719.4
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
SGP/EBBR/E2 - Improved EBBR CR10 Program
Effective 20050324.1700, the EBBR.E2 CR10 program was revised to improve the quality of 
the primary measurements as follows:
1) An RMS procedure is used to determine max and min limits of acceptable
soil heat flow.  This is applied to the individual soil sets.  Measurements
outside the limits are rejected and the measurements within the limits are
used to calculate the average soil heat flow.
2) Max and min limits are used to determine incorrect values of net
radiation, sensible heat flux (h), latent heat flux (e), and automatic
exchange mechanism (AEM) signal.  If AEM signal is outside the limits, h and e are set to 
999s.  If net radiation is outside the limits, h and e are set to 999s. If h or e are 
outside the limits, h and e are set to 999s.
Virtually no incorrect soil measurement will affect the primary measurements of h and e.
By setting h and e to 999s, it can be easily seen that the primary variables are 
incorrect; no other interpretation is possible.
Prior to 20050324, the improved CR10 program was NOT in effect.  DQRs have
been submitted for known instances of incorrect soil measurements which
affected the quality of the primary measurements of h and e.
Note: the DQR begin date is the begin date of the sgp30ebbrE2.b1 data
stream.  The earlier version of the CR10 program was also used on previous
EBBR datastream names (e.g. sgp30ebbrE2.a1).
  • average surface soil heat flow at the surface(ave_shf)
  • corrected sensible heat flux(h)
  • latent heat flux(e)

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DQRID : D051112.2
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
SGP/EBBR/E2 - metadata corrections
DataStreams:sgp5ebbrE2.b1, sgp15ebbrE2.b1, sgp30ebbrE2.b1
On 20050723, a series of metadata corrections and additions were completed.  These 
metadata changes apply to all EBBR.E2 data collected by ARM back to the installation of the 
instrument in May 1997. Please see the current metadata for correct information.  These 
changes do not affect data values or quality.	

The changes are summarized below:
1) Update of "sensor location" information
2) Addition of installation dates for the systems
3) Correction of soil moisture units (from "by volume" to "gravimetric")
  • Time offset from base_time(base_time)

  • Time offset from base_time(base_time)

  • Time offset from base_time(base_time)

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