Data Quality Reports for Session: 103461 User: kirstie Completed: 01/02/2007


DQR IDSubjectData Streams Affected
D061004.1SGP/WACR/C1 - Radar not in service.sgpwacrC1.00, sgpwacrC1.b1, sgpwacrspecmomC1.00

DQRID : D061004.1
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
SGP/WACR/C1 - Radar not in service.
DataStreams:sgpwacrC1.00, sgpwacrC1.b1, sgpwacrspecmomC1.00
No data collected during this period. Radar was returned to manufacturer for a 
modification which will enable calibration using a pole-mounted corner reflector.
  • Chiller supply temperature(Temp_Chiller_Supply)
  • Computer enclosure temperature(Temp_Computer_Enclosure)
  • Detected Pulse(txpower)
  • Transmit driver power sampled by receiver(PowerTransmitDriver)
  • altitude above sea levelaltunits(alt)
  • Extended Interaction Klystron Amplifier temperature(Temp_EIKA)
  • Chiller return temperature(Temp_Chiller_Return)
  • Range Heights (center of radar sample volume)(heights)
  • Signal to noise ratio(SignalToNoiseRatio)
  • Modulator temperature(Temp_modulator)
  • Ambient temperature of radar front end components(Temp_ambient)
  • Antenna bottom temperature(Temp_Antenna_Bottom)
  • Chiller temperature(Temp_Chiller)
  • MMCR Mean Doppler Velocity(MeanDopplerVelocity)
  • Time offset from midnight of date of file. For CO data, this is identical to
    time_offset and is included for compatibility.(time)
  • north latitude for all the input platforms.(lat)
  • east longitude for all the input platforms.(lon)
  • status flag(wacr_status)
  • Hot load power(PowerHotLoad)
  • MMCR Spectral Width(SpectralWidth)
  • Hot load physical temperature(Temp_Hot)
  • Time offset of tweaks from base_time(time_offset)
  • Modulator control temperature(Temp_Modulator_Control)
  • Polarization mode. 0 = copol, 1 = xpol(Polarization)
  • 1000 * log10 (noise signal level)(Noise)
  • Low noise amplifier temperature(Temp_LNA)
  • Outside temperature(Temp_Outside)
  • Antenna top temperature(Temp_Antenna_Top)
  • MMCR Reflectivity(Reflectivity)
  • Time offset from base_time(base_time)
  • Future temperature(Temp_Future)
  • Ambient load power(PowerAmbientLoad)

  • Raw data stream - documentation not supported(raw)

  • Raw data stream - documentation not supported(raw)

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