Data Quality Reports for Session: 104083 User: kdkan1 Completed: 02/05/2007


DQR IDSubjectData Streams Affected
D060519.2TWP/TSI/C3 - controller board failuretwptsimovieC3.a1, twptsicldmaskC3.a1, twptsiskycoverC3.b1, twptsiskyimageC3.a1

DQRID : D060519.2
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
TWP/TSI/C3 - controller board failure
DataStreams:twptsimovieC3.a1, twptsicldmaskC3.a1, twptsiskycoverC3.b1, twptsiskyimageC3.a1
The mirror control board failed and was replaced with a spare. Several images were 
collected in the iterim that should be ignored. These images include periods when the sun was 
not masked by the shadowband, the camera lens was covered by red tape to protect the CCD 
from direct exposure to the sun and, the instrument was inside the shop for repair and 
  • Pixel count: number opaque in horizon area(region.horizon.count.opaque)
  • Pixel count: number total between horizon and processed circle(count.sub.proczen)
  • Pixel count: number total indeterminant(count.unknown)
  • Pixel count: box, outside mirror area(
  • Sun altitude above horizon(solar.altitude)
  • Pixel count: number total in processed circle(
  • Pixel count: number thin in zenith circle(region.zenith.count.thin)
  • altitude above sea levelaltunits(alt)
  • Pixel count: number thin in horizon area(region.horizon.count.thin)
  • Pixel count: camera and sun strip mask(count.mask)
  • Pixel count: number opaque in zenith circle(region.zenith.count.opaque)
  • Pixel count: number below horizon in image(count.sub.horz)
  • Time offset from base_time(base_time)
  • Pixel count: number total opaque(count.opaque)
  • Percent opaque cloud(percent.opaque)
  • east longitude for all the input platforms.(lon)
  • north latitude for all the input platforms.(lat)
  • Pixel count: number total in horizon area(region.horizon.count)
  • Pixel count: number total in zenith circle(region.zenith.count)
  • Pixel count: number opaque in sun circle(region.sun.count.opaque)
  • Solar azimuth angle(solar.azimuth)
  • Time offset of tweaks from base_time(time_offset)
  • Pixel count: number total thin(count.thin)
  • Percentage thin cloud(percent.thin)
  • Sunshine meter(sunny)
  • Pixel count: number total in sun circle(region.sun.count)
  • Relative \'strength\' of direct sun(sun.strength)
  • Pixel count: number thin in sun circle(region.sun.count.thin)

  • PNG data stream - documentation not supported(png)

  • (MPEG data stream - documentation not yet available)

  • JPG data stream - documentation not supported(JPEG data stream - documentation not yet available)

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