Data Quality Reports for Session: 104713 User: meteo_x Completed: 03/09/2007


DQR IDSubjectData Streams Affected
D991129.1NSA/METOWER - Reprocess: Incorrect NSA wind direction minima and maximansametC1.00, nsamettwrC1.a1

DQRID : D991129.1
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
NSA/METOWER - Reprocess: Incorrect NSA wind direction minima and maxima
DataStreams:nsametC1.00, nsamettwrC1.a1
From the time of installation of the NSA C1 Met-tower system on 24 MAR 1998
until 29 NOV 1999 all wind direction minima and maxima were reported as raw
(unrotated) data.  In order to obtain correct minima and maxima 30 deg must
be subtracted from the value.  All mean wind directions were computed from
rotated (corrected) data.
  • Minimum Dew Point Temperature(dew_pt_temp_min)
  • Wind Speed out of range error(win_spd_out_of_range_error)
  • Mean Dew Point Temperature(dew_pt_temp_mean)
  • Wind Direction out of range error(win_dir_out_of_range_error)
  • Vector-averaged Wind Direction(wind_dir_vec_avg)
  • Time offset from base_time(base_time)
  • Dew point temperature out of range error(dew_pt_temp_out_of_range_error)
  • Number of timeouts reading the met tower data by height(read_timeout_count)
  • Maximum Wind Direction(wind_dir_max)
  • Air Temperature Hardware Error(temp_hardware_error)
  • Time offset of tweaks from base_time(time_offset)
  • PTB Serial Error(atmos_pressure_PTB_serial_error)
  • Atmospheric pressure(atmos_pressure)
  • Read Timeout Error(atmos_pressure_read_timeout_error)
  • Air Temperature out of range error(temp_out_of_range_error)
  • Minimum Wind Speed(wind_spd_min)
  • Std Dev of Dew Point Temperature(dew_pt_temp_sd)
  • Relative humidity minimum(relh_min)
  • Minimum Wind Direction(wind_dir_min)
  • Maximum Wind Speed(wind_spd_max)
  • Vapor Pressure out of range error(vap_pres_out_of_range_error)
  • east longitude for all the input platforms.(lon)
  • north latitude for all the input platforms.(lat)
  • Std Dev of Wind Speed(wind_spd_sd)
  • Temperature standard deviation(temp_sd)
  • Minimum Vapor Pressure(vap_pres_min)
  • Std Dev of Vapor Pressure(vap_pres_sd)
  • Internal Temperature out of range error(internal_temp_out_of_range_error)
  • Relative humidity maximum(relh_max)
  • GPS raw data filename(filename)
  • Relative humidity mean(relh_mean)
  • Maximum Vapor Pressure(vap_pres_max)
  • Relative humidity out of range error(relh_out_of_range_error)
  • Max Temperature at lowest Model Level- 1 hr(temp_max)
  • Mean Vapor Pressure(vap_pres_mean)
  • Vector-averaged Wind Speed(wind_spd_vec_avg)
  • Min Temperature at lowest Model Level- 1 hr(temp_min)
  • Wind direction standard deviation(wind_dir_sd)
  • Mean Wind Speed(wind_spd_mean)
  • Maximum Dew Point Temperature(dew_pt_temp_max)
  • altitude above sea levelaltunits(alt)
  • Dew Point Temperature Hardware Error(dew_pt_hardware_error)
  • Mean Air Temperature or Hardware Error(temp_mean)
  • Out of Range Error(atmos_pressure_out_of_range_error)
  • Std Dev of Relative Humidity or Hardware Error Code(relh_sd)
  • Internal Voltage out of range error(internal_voltage_out_of_range_error)

  • Raw data stream - documentation not supported(Raw data stream - documentation not supported)

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